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Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells: Harnessing Electro-Optic Technology for Precision Optical Control



In the field of optics and photonics, precise control over light is essential for a wide range of applications, from laser systems to telecommunications. Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells are advanced electro-optic devices that provide exceptional optical control and modulation capabilities. These cells utilize the electro-optic effect in Barium Borate (BBO) crystals to manipulate the polarization of light. In this blog post, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells, highlighting their significance in the realm of optical control and modulation.

1. Understanding Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells

Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells are devices that exploit the electro-optic effect in BBO crystals to control the polarization of light. The electro-optic effect occurs when an electric field is applied to a material, causing a change in its refractive index. In Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells, two BBO crystals are used in a back-to-back configuration. When a voltage is applied to the crystals, they alter the polarization state of light passing through them, enabling precise control over its phase or intensity.

2. Enhanced Electro-Optic Performance

Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells offer enhanced electro-optic performance compared to single-crystal Pockels cells. By utilizing two BBO crystals in a back-to-back configuration, the cells provide higher electro-optic coefficients, allowing for greater modulation depths and faster response times. This enhanced performance enables efficient manipulation of light for various applications, including Q-switching of lasers, optical switching, optical modulation, and polarization control.

3. Wide Spectral Range and High Damage Threshold

Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells exhibit a wide spectral range, making them suitable for use across a broad range of wavelengths. They can operate in the ultraviolet (UV), visible, and near-infrared (NIR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Additionally, these cells have a high damage threshold, meaning they can withstand high optical power levels without experiencing significant damage. This attribute makes them ideal for high-power laser systems where precise optical control is crucial.

4. Fast Response Time and Low Insertion Loss

Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells offer fast response times, enabling rapid modulation and switching of light. Their electro-optic properties allow for quick changes in the polarization state, resulting in fast switching speeds. This attribute is particularly beneficial in applications that require high-speed modulation or switching, such as optical telecommunications, laser pulse shaping, and laser cavity dumping. Moreover, these cells have low insertion loss, minimizing signal attenuation and ensuring efficient transmission of light.

5. Precise and Accurate Optical Control

Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells provide precise and accurate control over the polarization of light. By applying a voltage to the BBO crystals, the polarization state of the transmitted light can be modulated or switched, allowing for precise manipulation of the optical signal. This level of control is essential in applications that demand precise modulation depths, precise phase control, or the generation of specific polarization states.

6. Applications in Optics and Photonics

Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells find applications in various fields within optics and photonics. They are widely used in laser systems for Q-switching, which enables the generation of high-energy laser pulses. These cells also play a vital role in optical telecommunications, where they facilitate optical switching and modulation for data transmission. Furthermore, Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells are employed in spectroscopy, optical metrology, optical imaging, and other research and industrial applications that require precise optical control and modulation.


Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells offer exceptional optical control and modulation capabilities, thanks to the unique electro-optic properties of BBO crystals. These cells provide enhanced electro-optic performance, wide spectral range, high damage threshold, and fast response times. They enable precise manipulation of the polarization of light, making them indispensable in laser systems, optical telecommunications, spectroscopy, and various other applications in optics and photonics. With their ability to deliver precise and accurate optical control, Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells continue to push the boundaries of light manipulation and contribute to advancements in optical technology.


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