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Pros and cons of memory foam pillows


Advantages of memory foam pillows

1. The waveform design of the pillow

The waveform design of the memory foam pillow is most in line with the physiological curve of the human body, forming a support that fits the cervical spine. The temperature-sensing and shaping function of space memory foam makes the fit between the pillow and the head and neck more comfortable and perfect, which overcomes the problem of the cervical spine hanging in the air when sleeping on traditional round or oval pillows.

2. Moderate hardness and softness

The space memory foam pillow is moderately soft and firm. Its magic is that it is soft to the touch, but it is not soft when you pillow it. This softness has reached the perfect state of supporting the head and neck and being very comfortable.

3. Good comfort

Due to the unique slow rebound characteristics of space memory foam, the pressure on the head and cervical spine is almost zero, and it feels very comfortable when used, which is conducive to deep sleep.

4. Air permeability

Space memory foam pillows have natural air permeability, warm in winter and cool in summer, and can also inhibit mold, bacteria and mites. Pillows with poor air permeability are prone to sweating and accumulating bacteria in summer, and cannot guarantee sufficient breathing during sleep. Children may pose safety hazards when using them. However, memory foam pillows overcome these problems and become the healthiest pillows in the new era.

Disadvantages of memory foam pillows

Like ordinary pillows, microorganisms such as mold and mites will often form for a long time, but the memory foam pillow itself has the effect of anti-mite and anti-bacteria, so you only need to simply put the memory foam pillow into the vent for ventilation. Then just wash the pillowcase, the memory foam pillow does not need to be cleaned.


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