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Common faults during Bucket Dredger running


Dredger is a large dredging equipment with high efficiency and low cost, which is a good underwater excavation machinery. Dredger can not only help people excavate sand and stones, but also has a good automatic screening device, which can help people initially screen out what is useful sand and stones. However, there are still some problems in the use process. Here are some common Bucket Dredger problems and their causes.

Common fault types of bucket dredger during operation

1. The amount of Dredger sand pumped is reduced or sand leakage occurs. The main causes of this problem are: Bucket Dredger sand net is damaged; The Bucket Dredger sand net bolts fall off

2. The Dredger frame vibrates. The main causes of this problem are: the bolts of the Bucket Dredger coupling frame are loose; The bearing seat bolt is loose

3. The Dredger transmission part is noisy. The main reasons for this problem are: insufficient lubrication of gear; Gear pitch variation

4.Dredger gear is easy to damage, the main reasons for this problem are: no timely maintenance; The Dredger shaft and the low speed shaft of the reducer do not reach the specified parallelism

5.Dredger bearing wearing parts, the main reasons for this problem are: oil break or seal ring damage; Chronic lack of maintenance and cleaning


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