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Definition of Tie Down Straps


Tie Down Straps in various forms, can be selected according to the actual needs. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation when the strength of the Tie Down Straps will decline, so tie down straps should not be used for too long in the place of strong ultraviolet radiation. Tie Down Straps to avoid operating in molten metal, acid, glass plate, fragile items, nuclear reactor and special environment.

Tie Down Straps Use note:

1. Use the front tie to rotate at least 9/4 turns around the ratchet shaft of the fastener.

2. Only use tensioner without damage, label can clearly indicate the capability.

3. Can not overload use.

4. Do not use the webbing knot.

5. When using, please try to keep the fabric away from sharp edges and corners, from fraying or cutting.

6. Avoid twisting and twisting tensioner arrangement.

7. Do not place objects on the tensioner to avoid injury.

8. Do not use the tensioner as a load lifting adjustment.

Application of Tie Down Straps

1. Large equipment packaging

2. Goods fixed consignment

3. Packaging of gas purification equipment

4. Wooden box fixed


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