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How can you strengthen the Insulation Bag effect


We must first understand the principle of Insulation Bag, there are generally 3 methods.

1. Keep as much internal air as possible through the porous structure, prevent air flow, and use white to reflect or black to absorb infrared radiation. The plastic wrap method recommended by a friend is to stop air flow.

2. Can also be heat preservation by reducing the number of times to open the cover of Insulation Bag, but the plastic wrap is too sticky, difficult to use, and there are aluminum foil on the internal foam, on the one hand hinder air circulation, on the other hand is to reflect infrared radiation, reduce the temperature loss to the outside.

3. We can also increase the porous structure, is to increase the thickness of Insulation layer, if you want to maintain the soft Insulation Bag, add 2 layers of foam, go to the building materials market selling heat pipe shop can buy; If you don't care about hardness, you can use a higher density of benzene board spread in the inside of 6 surfaces, benzene board is a closed cell structure, insulation performance is better than foam, and the thickness is far greater than foam, street selling ice cream on the use of benzene board insulation, building materials market to sell insulation materials store, the south can also buy foam box back in the market, foam is benzene board. Benzene board is non-toxic, full name is polystyrene foam board, non-toxic will not volatilize, rest assured to use.


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