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Installation precautions for crawler Shot Blast Machine


The working principle of crawler Shot Blast Machine is to put a certain number of work pieces into the warehouse, then close the gate, the machine starts, and the work pieces are driven by the roller to turn. At the same time, the projectile forms a beam and evenly hits the workpiece surface, stopping the finishing. A projectile thrown out and sand from the crawler hole into the screw conveyor, and then into the elevator, and then in the separator to stop separation.

Crawler Shot Blast Machine should be gradually installed before operation, and the device can operate normally only if it is correct. Users can install a crawler Shot Blast Machine and tighten bolts around the feet after installing concrete based on the local soil and checking the straight and horizontal plane with a level.

Crawler Shot Blast Machine should be installed gradually before operation, and can operate normally only after the device is correct. The user is equipped with concrete according to the local soil quality. After checking the straight and horizontal elevation of the plane with the level, the crawler Shot Blast Machine can be installed and the footing can be tightenedthe bolts.

Therefore, how to install the tracked Shot Blast Machine is carried out according to the following processes: Before leaving the factory, the tracked Shot Blast Machine will assemble the cleaning chamber and the Shot Blast Machine into a whole, and the lift and lift are fixed on the cleaning chamber with bolts.

Device bucket elevator, should pay attention to adjust the upper drive pulley bearing seat, so that it adhere to the level, avoid belt deviation; Install manual pill feeding door and pill feeding door on the separator, and connect all pipes according to the dust removal system diagram.

Separated waste users can bring their own waste buckets for disposal; When the separator is operating normally, there should be no gap in the ejector curtain. If the full curtain cannot be formed, the weight should be adjusted until the full curtain is formed. If the separation effect of particles and sand is not good, it can be adjusted the whole separation plate to achieve a good separation effect, particle screening out the bulk material should be removed at regular intervals; The lifting belt is connected by the user with a hole.


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