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What are the considerations of using high emulation Wig?


Because wearing high simulation Wig has many advantages such as very real, the actual decorative effect is very good, and Wig easy finishing, can change the hair styling in a very short time, do not need to use help, buyers to buy high simulation Wig can be brave to try a variety of different hair design, with different clothes, so high simulation Wig increasingly suffer from people green.

1. Can not be violent behavior sorting. High simulation Wig should be organized before application. It is OK to put on a high simulation Wig and then use it to organize. Generally speaking, it is better to use a relatively sparse comb to tidy Wig. When sorting Wig, the inclined side arrangement should be used instead of straight combing, and the action should be light.

2. You can't use hair clips. To prevent strong winds from blowing wigs away, some people use hairpins to hold wigs. However, the clip should not be applied with excessive force. Otherwise, it is very easy to hook high simulation Wig hair net sleeve. Therefore, experienced Chinese Wig organizations advise buyers not to use hairpins as much as possible. Instead, they can use decorative headbands to hold the hair in place.

3. Do not use hands to rub and twist when cleaning. Frequently worn Wig high simulation WIG is generally suitable for cleaning once every two to three months. Before washing, tidy the Wig with a comb and wash it with a diluted conditioner solution. Do not rub or twist Wig with two hands. Do not soak wig in cleaning solution. The foam should be washed slowly with both hands in the direction of the hair. Then dry it. Do not expose it to the sun.

4. Prevent random storage. Daily storage of high simulation Wig is best to make a wood head shape, the washed Wig supported on the head shape, coated with a layer of head oil, with a wire brush or wood comb, comb teeth outward finishing. According to their own hobby, make a variety of hairstyles. Of course, high value for money Wig simulation to often collate, can achieve beauty goals. In Wig, however, there is a longer interval between grooming and dressing than in real hair. The interval is once a month in summer and once a month in winter.

Above are a few considerations for using a highly simulated Wig, which is typically attached one by one to a gauze helmet by human or artificial hair. Since Wig has no regenerative ability, it should be kept properly. If WIG is used for a period of time, it will be contaminated with dust and germs. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, it can be soaked with soap, cleaning liquid or conditioner. Don't brush the mesh, or you'll pull your hair out. Brush good with water to clean the head cover clean, can not use the hand to rub, in case of harm finishing.


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